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How does the Poopsta work?

Loading the Poopsta

The Poopsta is powered by a rubber band. Take a look at the pictures on the left.

  • Place the band over either hook on the side of the Poopsta.
  • Thread it through the guide and around the gap between the bottom of the Poopsta and the lid.
  • Your Poopsta is now loaded.

To pick, pack and contain the poop

  • Remove the lid by turning it anti-clockwise.
  • Place the Poopsta in the plastic bag.
  • Press the Poopsta down over the poop and release.
  • That’s it! The poop has been picked and packed - quicker than the human eye can see.
  • Gently pull the end of the bag to guide the band down the retaining slot.
  • Replace the lid.

Repeat for second, third, fourth etc. poops. Remember Poopsta has multi-poop capacity.

To dispose of the Poop

  • Unhook the rubber band(s) at the side of the Poopsta.
  • Remove the lid by turning it anti-clockwise.
  • With the help of a little gravity, the bagged poop drops out.
Poopsta listed for Glee awards

2009 Shortlisted
Pet Innovation


Inventor of the Year 2009


“It's the least offensive way that I've come across of picking up after your dog.”

As featured on Simon Mayo’s innovation slot.

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