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Britains Least Talented Dog

Do YOU Own Britain’s Least Talented Dog?

Prove it to Win!

Just like you, we’ve enjoyed the talent shows on the TV and been amazed by the dancing dogs. But we started to feel a little sorry for all the dogs that perhaps don’t dance. Or don’t jump through hoops.

Just because they don’t do tricks doesn’t mean we love them any less. And we just felt someone should stand up for the rest of the canine world and redress the balance! So here goes.

The competition.

.. believed to be the first of its kind in the world, is for British dog owners whose dogs have very little or no discernible talent! Entries are encouraged from owners who have tried in vain to train their dog to do tricks, with stories and photographic or video evidence to prove it.

O.K., we may not have 500,000 up for grabs. And we can’t offer you the chance to perform in front of Royalty. But we can offer you talentless glory and your own personal slice of poop scooping heaven!

We’ve put together a prize fund worth over 500! In addition to the honour of owning Britain’s Least Talented Dog, the winner will receive a new Poopsta plus year’s supply of poop bags. All the shortlisted finalists will receive a shiny new Poopsta too.

To Enter ...

1. Convince us why your dog is the least talented via email to

2. You can also post your entry on our Facebook page at, or

3. Use the #leasttalented hashtag on Twitter. We’ll watch out for it!

Entries close on Friday June 29th 2012

Poopsta listed for Glee awards

2009 Shortlisted
Pet Innovation


Inventor of the Year 2009


“It's the least offensive way that I've come across of picking up after your dog.”

As featured on Simon Mayo’s innovation slot.

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