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“There is a new device, known as a Poopsta ( It's a rigid plastic cylinder that you "arm" with a plastic bag and an elastic band. You then place it over the target and press the trigger: the device does the rest. The poop is scooped into the bag inside the plastic cylinder, and you can put a lid on it until you come across a bin. It's the least offensive way that I've come across of picking up after your dog, and it means you don't have to hold a full bag for the rest of your walk.”

Pete Wedderburn. Vet and Daily Telegraph Pet Expert

"It is a pleasure to pick poop up without using your hands .. and it is very quick to do. Poopsta is the cleanest way to pick it up."

Martin from Cheshire

"It's easy, we don't have to touch it!"

Malcolm from

"Much easier to bend down! I was finding it difficult before I got the Poopsta."

Steven from

"Not touching the poo makes clearing up less off putting."

Gary from Lincolnshire


Poopsta listed for Glee awards

2009 Shortlisted
Pet Innovation


Inventor of the Year 2009


“It's the least offensive way that I've come across of picking up after your dog.”

As featured on Simon Mayo’s innovation slot.

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